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The Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor


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Bowl SizeFull Size with mini bowl – this Breville Sous Chef comes with a full size 16 Cup bowl and a 2.5 cup mini bowl

Accessories and extrasthe Sous Chef comes ready to use with three Blades (Micro-serrated S blade, Dough blade and Mini processing blade), 5 discs (Adjustable Slicing Disc, Shredding and Grating Disc, Julienne Disc, Emulsifying Disc and French Fry and Vegetable Stick Disc,) a disc spindle, a small brush and a spatula, an instruction booklet (with a few recipes) and a storage container. Included are 2 BPA-free bowls and an extra wide 5.5 inch feed shute with a mini feed shute for smaller food. It has a 1200 watt induction motor.

Warranty it comes with a 25 year motor warranty and a 1 year limited on the entire unit

Overall Ratingit has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars

Overall Review92% of the reviews for this Breville food processor are very favorable and accompanied by a 4 or 5 star rating. Wow! Normally, when a food processor costs this much, expectations run so high that no product can live up to the higher standards. Not so with the Breville Sous Chef. This powerful food processor chops, slices and grates very precisely and evenly.

Those who have read the Buying Guide on the home page of this site know that a direct driven model is far more efficient than a belt driven one (go to our home page if you don't know the difference.) Breville not only has a direct driven motor, they actually take it one huge step further, offering one of only a few food processor available right now with an induction motor. In an induction motor alternating current (AC) voltages are induced by the magnetic and rotating field of the stator in the circuit. An induction motor is constructed with elements of steel, aluminum and copper. While this makes induction motors more expensive than the standard, universal motors found on most food processors, it also increases their quality, durability and efficiency. That is why the Breville Sous Chef possesses an incredibly powerful and smooth motor that is exceptionally quiet while running. It is a 1200 watt motor. The Magimix 16 cup listed below (which costs $200 more than the Breville) has an 1100 watt motor.

Breville is known for innovation. They don't simply make a well-constructed high-end version of already available appliances; Breville actually brings new features and innovations to almost everything they make. So what did they come up with for an appliance that has been largely unchanged since its debut in the 1970s? The first innovation is absolutely genius and it is surprising that no other maker came up with it first. Most food processors have multiple slicing discs available to allow for different thicknesses. The Breville has an adjustable slicing disc which has 24 settings to customize the thickness of your sliced food. This not only eliminates the need to buy a bunch of slicing discs, it also gives you far greater control over the thickness of your slicing. There is also an emulsifier disc for making things like mayonnaise. The second large innovation is the timer. There is both a count up and count down timer. You can use the count up timer the first time you do something, such as kneading bread. Then, after you know how long that particular task takes, the next time you will be able to set the count down timer and walk away, knowing that the Breville Sous Chef will shut off when it is done.

Included in the reviews is a side by side comparison of this food processor to a $250 Cuisinart food processor. The author of that review had just purchased the Cuisinart when she was chosen to review the Breville. So both were new, up-to-date high-end models. The winner? Clearly the Breville. The superior quality shined through in almost every area, the exception being bread making. The author of that review states in the comments that she believes user error may have led to the less than spectacular bread. You will find a few complaints regarding breadmaking in the reviews. The problem is the massive amount of power output. The Breville can knead bread in seconds, not minutes like other processors. You can make fabulous bread with this machine once you become accustomed to the power. We suggest using the pulse button for more control and to avoid over-processing the dough.

The excessive power does require some practice in other areas too. It is easy to over-process food when using the multi-purpose blade. It takes seconds to mince, chop or dice. Any longer will puree the items. Once you are used to the incredible level of power, you will love how much time the Breville Sous Chef BFP800XL saves you in the kitchen.

Many reviewers marvel at how easy the Breville Sous Chef is to clean, especially compared to KitchenAid or Cuisinart models. There aren't a lot of places for food to get stuck. Another improvement over those brands is the solid center shaft. Most food processors have a hole in the center where the blades or discs are attached; the Breville Sous Chef does not. This makes it easier to empty the bowl without needing to keep the blade in place. It also means you can fill the bowl with more liquids without worrying about the liquids falling through a hole. The large 16 cup bowl can hold 12 cups of liquid without leakage. Both bowls have imperial and metric measurement marks. The BFP800XL quickly and precisely chops, shreds, slices and juliennes. Here are a few examples from the reviews: Six pounds of zucchini can be julienned in less than 30 seconds. A pound of cheese can be shredded or grated in under 5 seconds. Ten pounds of potatoes can be prepped for fries in less than a minute. Cream can be transformed into fresh butter in about a minute.

This food processor comes with BPA-free bowls, and every part that touches food is also BPA-free. Hopefully this will soon be standard on all food processors, but sadly right now it is not. Using the Breville Sous Chef is a good way to limit BPA exposure for you and your family.

There aren't too many complaints addressed in the reviews. One of the few is regarding the S blade vs. Quattro blade. The Australian version comes with a Quattro blade while the American version comes with an S blade. Breville says the Quattro blade is too powerful for American 110 volt electricity (220 volt is standard in Australia). Some customers viewed Australian videos and expected the Quattro blade. Click here to see a video for the American model, with the correct blade and accessories you will receive.

Some of the negative reviews stem from an issue with cheese that has since been resolved. The Sous Chef originally came with a manual that included instructions for processing cheese. It was then discovered that a flaw in the shredding/grating disc could result in damage to the food processor when processing certain types of cheeses. Breville then revised the manual to state that cheese should not be used with the BFP800XL, and that processing cheese would void the warranty. Many people were upset, and with good reason. Even cheap food processors can grate cheese, and at this price, the Brevile ought to be able to grate cheese. Breville remedied the problem by manufacturing an improved grating/shredding disc. That disc is now standard on all Breville Sous Chefs, so this is no longer a problem. Breville also supplied all current Sous Chef owners with the new disc, as well as a new bowl and lid (in case damage had already occurred).

Some people are unhappy with how heavy this machine is. Not only is the powerful motor very heavy, but Breville used high-quality parts throughout. The result is a machine that weighs about 20 pounds. The shipping weight with all the accessories is 31 pounds. This can be a problem if you need to move your food processor often. See 174 Breville Food Processor Reviews

Magimix by Robot-Coupe 5200XL, 16-Cup Food Processor: polished chrome



Bowl size – 6 cup mini bowl, 12 cup bowl and a monstrous 16 cup main bowl

Included accessories and extras – English and French instructions, a Juice Extractor/SmoothieMix attachment, citrus press, an egg whisk, 4 slicing and shredding discs, a dough blade, spatula and 2 accessory storage boxes.

Warranty – 30 year warranty on the motor

Weight- it has a shipping weight of 35 pounds

Watts – it has a 1,100 watt commercial grade induction motor

Overall rating – This processor has an overall rating of 3 out of 5 stars

Overall review –  Only 50% of the reviews for this food processor are favorable and accompanied by a 4 or 5 star rating. This model only has 6 reviews, as the high price tag means this is not an option for most home cooks. Robot Coupe was the original maker of the food processor in France; Cuisinart modeled their version after the Robot Coupe for use in American kitchens. Robot Coupe does make food processors for the American market, but only in commercial versions. Magimix is Robot Coupe's residential line. Magimix is a very high-end line with a very high-end price tag, and expectations run understandably high for this machine.

The three reviewers who were very pleased with this Magimix refer to it as an elegant, functional powerhouse. They say it's easy to use and easy to clean. They love that it's huge and comes with lots of accessories. They like that it is handmade in France rather than mass-produced in China like most appliances today.

Those not pleased with this product didn't feel the quality was high enough to justify the price tag. One reviewer said it wasn't as heavy-duty as expected and returned it without using it. Another didn't like the handle placement in the front, since it obscures the view of the contents in the bowl. That reviewer also had problems getting even results when processing large loads. The third reviewer liked everything about the Magimix except the S blade, which broke after a year of use. READ THE 6 CUSTOMER REVIEWS HERE


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