20 Cup



  Cuisinart 20-Cup Food Processor 


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Bowl Size Full Size– 20 Cup

Accessories and extras –chopping and dough blades, shredding disc, and three slicing discs  

Warrantythree-year limited warranty; five-year warranty for motor

Overall Rating4 out of 5 stars

Overall Review – There are only 10 reviews available for this food processor even though it's not a new model. Price and size prevent most home cooks from ever considering this massive food processor. Those fortunate enough to own it have no regrets. It's size and power are unrivaled in this price range. Many consider it to be the best food processor you can buy for home use and it can even be found in some restaurants. It can do everything you expect out of a food processor with ease.

There is one unfavorable review. The customer doesn't state exactly what was wrong with the machine but instead relates his horrible experience with Cuisinart customer service. This is an issue that repeats itself through the reviews of any Cuisinart food processor. Time and time again customers have problems ranging from minor to serious that are not properly addressed by Cuisinart. It is unfortunate since their food processors are considered the best in the industry. Many of these issues can be resolved through the place of purchase rather than Cuisinart, so buy from a company you can trust with a good return policy. See All 10 Reviews

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