The Braun food processor is popular throughout the world, although it doesn't receive too much attention in the United States. Braun is a German consumer products company well-respected in much of the world for its excellent record of quality and reliability. Does this brand deserve to be largely overlooked in the U.S.A. or should you consider a Braun as a possibility for your next food processor?

Part of the problem with gaining American acceptance is due to one unfortunate fact: most Braun appliances are not able to be operated in the U.S.A. In fact, there is only one food processor model for American consumers to choose from; this review will focus on that model.

Braun CombiMax 600 Watt

The first time I saw the CombiMax, I was skeptical that it could prove worthy of the $150 price tag. First, it has a belt driven motor. This means the motor is situated on the side of the work bowl. Generally speaking, a direct driven motor will almost always give you more power and efficiency. A direct driven model has the work bowl placed directly above the work bowl and allows for a more direct and efficient transfer of power.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quiet yet powerful motor on the Braun CombiMax food processor. I did not expect such smooth and efficient processing from a belt driven model. It just goes to prove that there are exceptions to every rule.

My second cause for concern stemmed from the multiple speed options. Most high-end food processors don't have multiple speeds for one very simple reason: you don't need them! You control the speed through proper use of the "pulse" button. In general, companies try to entice buyers with multiple speeds when their product lacks quality in other areas. I normally see this as a compensation tactic and a red flag when shopping for a food processor. Again, this machine proved there are exceptions to every rule.


The Braun food processor available in the U.S.A. is a full-sized model with a two liter work bowl. That translates to about 8 1/2 cups. This is a great size for many home cooks, especially those that normally only prepare meals for two people. If you are accustomed to cooking for more people on a regular basis, you will probably benefit from a different brand which offers a larger size.

There is another downside when it comes to the size of this food processor: a mini bowl is not offered as an option. Some brands provide mini bowls that fit on the same base as the large bowl. The mini bowl is perfect for small kitchen tasks, such as mincing garlic or chopping herbs. Such small amounts of food don't fare well in large bowls due to minimal blade contact. If you prefer to hand chop small items and don't intend to use your food processor for this purpose, this may not make a difference in your decision-making process.

Overall Impression Of Braun CombiMax

The Braun CombiMax food processor is a workhorse capable of providing years of valuable assistance in the kitchen. Braun's reliability record is quite impressive. It doesn't come in flashy colors or trendy finishes, but it does get the job done. There are many accessories available to customize your Braun food processor, such as a juicer attachment, french fry slicer, an egg or cream whip and so much more.

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