Can I blend 10 cups of soup in a 10 cup food processor?

One of the most common complaints among food processor reviews is leakage. Most of the time this results from misuse or unrealistic expectations. The advertised capacity of a food processor can be a bit misleading.

Food processors are not designed to be filled to capacity with liquids. The liquid fill line is generally at the halfway point or lower. This means if you want to process 6 cups of soup at once you will need at least a 12 cup food processor.

Cuisinart decided to offer a more tightly sealed food processor to combat this perceived problem creating a completely different issue. The lid is extremely difficult to clean in the leakproof models, with consumers finding creative ways to combat this new problem. One reviewer loves his leakproof Cuisinart so much he doesn't mind cleaning it with a flattened straw after each use.

A more sensible solution may be to use a blender for large batches of liquids. A blender is the best tool when it comes to liquifying large amounts of soup.

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