Do I need different speeds?

Many people look for a food processor with multiple speeds only to be perplexed to find all of the most sought after food processors only possess a single speed. How could Cuisinart, KitchenAid, Viking and all of the other best rated food processor makers overlook such an important feature when producing their machines?

Quite simply, there is no need for more than one speed in conjunction with a pulse feature. The pulse option is how you will control how quickly and how evenly your food is processed. You will find a few reviews berating these top performing food processors for only offering a single speed but you might also notice that the only food processors that do have multiple speeds did not receive very good reviews overall. These lesser food processors use their speed options to entice first time food processor buyers into overlooking the smaller, less efficient motors and inadequately constructed machines.

You may encounter some difficulty in control when you begin using a food processor. Time and experience will correct this. You will find yourself engaging the “pulse” button much more often than the “on” button. A few short, quick bursts (on a well powered food processor) will give you large even chunks. A few more pulses should give you a fine dice. You will find the “pulse” feature will give you all of the control over speed that you want out of your food processor.

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