Food Processor FAQ



Here is a list of the most common questions potential buyers tend to have about food processors. Click on the question that interests you for more information.



I have plenty of kitchen appliances. Do I need a food processor?

What should I expect a food processor to do (and not do?)

What size food processor should I get?

Which food processor is best for me?

How many watts should I look for in a food processor?

Which accessories do I need for my food processor?

Should I look for a light food processor so I can easily move it from the cupboard to counter?

Which safety features do I need to look for in a food processor?

Do I need different speeds on my food processor?

Can I make bread dough in my food processor? Do I need a special blade?

Is the food processor I see online the same as the one at the discount big-box store?

How can I gauge the reliability of a food processor?

Why don’t any of the high end food processors have different speeds?

Can I blend 10 cups of soup in a 10 cup food processor?

Where can I find recipes designed to get the most out of my food processor?