Why You Should Invest In A Good Food Processor

I visited my sister Kate last week and she was complaining about how another $50 food processor had broken. This was her 3rd. I pleaded with her to replace it with a higher-end model that would last for years. She told me she didn’t believe in spending $200 on a great food processor when she could get a decent one for $50. She felt it was a waste of money. Hmmm… four $50 food processors add up to $200, don’t they?

I reminded Kate about the conversation we had when she bought the first food processor two and a half years ago. I told her to invest in a decent model to avoid trouble. She didn’t listen. If she had, she wouldn’t be plunking out the last of the $200 needed on another inferior machine. That same $200 could have bought her a wonderful food processor that would still be working for her. It would do a better job in many ways. A good food processor chops food more evenly and can cut butter into a pie crust without melting it. Kate’s cheap model didn’t do that great of a job yet in two and a half years have cost her as much as a good, high-end model would have. And I’m willing to bet that she isn’t done replacing her food processors. In the end she will have spent much more without even having the satisfaction of a top performing unit. I wonder how many more will break before she heeds my advice.

If you are shopping for a new food processor, do yourself a favor. Read the reviews. Find a food processor that will provide years of valuable assistance in the kitchen. Through the reviews you’ll find on this site you’ll glean lots of useful information about a model before you commit to buy. Don’t just buy the cheapest one because it will be ok for now. Think about the future.

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