Is the food processor I see online the same as the one at the discount big-box store?

  The short answer to this question is "sometimes." There may be times when a local big box discount store will offer the same food processor that is available online at a lower cost. There are more instances where these retail giants are selling a similar food processor which costs less but also has a less powerful or efficient motor or is just constructed out of cheaper materials.

  It is commonplace for large manufacturing companies (such as those which produce food processors) to agree to produce a cheaper product for sale only in a specific chain of big box stores such as Walmart or Target. Part of the agreement involves offering a lower than normal price for what may appear to be the same product. To achieve this lower price changes are made. This may involve a smaller motor or cheaper attachments.

 How can you tell if the food processor you see at the store is the same one you've been reading rave reviews about? Check the model number. The food processor may look the same and boast all of the same features but if it is truly the same it will have the same model number.

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