KRUPS GVA20840 Mini Chopper including Emulsifying Disk for Whipping Cream Sauces and Stainless Steel Housing, Silver

Bowl size –  mini 13 oz.

Accessories and extras  Emulsifying disc

Watts 300

Warranty1 year

Overall rating The Krups mini chopper has an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars

Overall review  71% of the reviews for this food processor have either a 4 or 5 star rating. Most people enjoy having a chopper/processor that has a very small footprint and can be left on the countertop without being intrusive. They find themselves using it more often than a full-sized processor since it is small and accessible. But it is important to appreciate that with that small footprint comes a small work bowl. It is just over 1 1/2 cups. That is perfect for small tasks, such as chopping garlic or herbs. This can't take the place of a full-sized model for tasks such as making sauce.

Many people say the emulsifying disc does a great job, making easy work of producing mayo or salad dressings from scratch. Others feel this machine does not emulsify too well, due to a lack of a hole or feed tube on the lid. Emulsification is best achieved by drizzling the oil in slowly. There is no way to do this with the Krups mini chopper. There are some reviewers who rave about how easy to clean this unit is, while others feel the nooks, crannies and gaskets make clean-up a chore. Clearly a case of differing expectations. This chopper is sealed to prevent leaks, but it is certainly not leak-proof. Overall, this is a decent chopper for the low price. It is quite stylish, especially compared to other choppers. That can be important if you plan on leaving your chopper on the counter top. Click here to view all 56 detailed reviews


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