Make A Healthy Breading

There are many healthy alternatives to a traditional fried breading. And your food processor can help with all of them. These aren’t recipes; there are no actual amounts. Just process an amount to equal what is called for in a regular white breadcrumb breading recipe. Or just choose something to be breaded (such as chicken breasts or thick slices of eggplant,) and dip it in whole grain oat flour. Shake off the excess flour, then dip it in scrambled eggs (uncooked, of course!) Then coat the item in the breading of your choice and bake till done.

Whole Grain Breadcrumb Breading

Take whole grain bread (it can be stale; in fact, that’s what I always do with stale bread) and place it into the work bowl of your food processor. Process until in fine crumbs. This breading can be used immediately or frozen for later use.

Popcorn Breading

Many people don’t realize that popcorn is actually a healthy, gluten-free whole grain. Take air-popped popcorn and place it into the work bowl of your food processor. Process till it is the size of large breadcrumbs. These makes a lovely light and crunchy baked breading.

Nut Breading

My favorite breading for thin pork cutlets is processed hazelnuts mixed with a small amount of parmesan cheese. This is also another gluten free option. It is so good, you absolutely must try it to believe it. I take whole roasted hazelnuts with some parmesan cheese (about anĀ 8 to 1 ratio) and put them in my food processor work bowl. Then I process until in fine crumbs. This works with any nut and any cheese, and can also be done with nuts only. Another great combination, one that I love with beef, is cashews and cheddar cheese. I think walnuts and Swiss cheese are excellent with chicken. Using nuts and cheese as breading is a great way to make a dish low carb.




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