What Qualifies a Food Processor as "Mini?"

Any food processor with a bowl capacity of four cups or less is considered a mini. A model with a bowl capacity of two cups or smaller can also be referred to as a food chopper. It is important to realize you will never be able to fill a food processor bowl to capacity. This is especially true with liquids, where the maximum fill line is about halfway.

Some cooks mistakenly believe a mini is only the right choice for someone who can't afford a full-sized model. This is not true; there are certain tasks that are best suited to a mini.

Pros of a Mini

A mini food processor or food chopper is the ideal choice for small kitchen tasks. The diminutive bowl size means the blade makes maximum contact with small amounts of food. They excel at chopping garlic or herbs. It is the best tool for small batches of nut butters. Single serving pestos or mayos can be easily made in a mini food. Any of these small amounts of food would get "lost" in a full sized food processor. Without enough product to move around, the food tends to build up on the side of the bowl preventing it from being properly processed.

Cons of a Mini

The down side of a mini food processor is fairly obvious; it is too small for most kitchen tasks. You won't be able to knead bread or pasta doughs. Large batches of sauce will require several batches. Chopping enough vegetables for an entire meal will likely take a few batches.

What the Reviews Say

I have read thousands of mini food processor reviews and split them into three categories: extremely satisfied with the product, thought the product was okay but not great, and extremely dissatisfied. When looking at the average mini food processor, about 60% of the reviews express extreme satisfaction. There are two machines which stand above the rest in customer satisfaction.

The Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus

Click here for the Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus

A whopping 83% of the reviews for this Cuisinart mini food processor were very favorable. This is the highest level of satisfaction you will find in a mini. This machine costs about $40 and is as large as a mini can get. This adds to its versatility. The reviews paint a picture of a well powered processor which offers a lot of help in the kitchen.

The Proctor Silex 1 1/2 Cup Food Chopper

Click here for the Proctor Silex mini chopper

82% of the reviews for this Proctor Silex mini food processor / food chopper expressed a high level of satisfaction. This model is truly a mini at a mere 1 1/2 cups. It also comes with a mini price tag; it can be yours for under $20.

Where to Get More Information

Consumer reviews are vital when deciding on a new kitchen appliance. You will learn from the successes and problems of others who have used the product. Check out a detailed Buying Guide and thousands of reviews by clicking HERE.

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