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A food processor with multiple bowl sizes is the best choice for an avid cook. It gives you the best of both worlds: a full size bowl for most tasks and a mini bowl for smaller jobs.

The Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor


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Bowl SizeFull Size with mini bowl – the Breville Sous Chef comes with a full size 16 Cup bowl and a 2.5 cup mini bowl

Accessories and extrasit comes ready to use with three Blades (Micro-serrated S blade, Dough blade and Mini processing blade), 5 discs (Adjustable Slicing Disc, Shredding and Grating Disc, Julienne Disc, Emulsifying Disc and French Fry and Vegetable Stick Disc,) a disc spindle, a small brush and a spatula, an instruction booklet (with a few recipes) and a storage container. Included are 2 BPA-free bowls ( all parts that come into contact with food are BPA-free) and an extra wide 5.5 inch feed shute with a mini feed shute for smaller food. It has an impressive 1200 watt induction motor.

Warranty the Breville BFP800XL comes with a 25 year motor warranty and a 1 year limited on the entire unit

Weight- It has a shipping weight of 31 pounds

Overall Ratingit has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars

Overall Review92% of the reviews for the Breville BFP800XL are very favorable and accompanied by a 4 or 5 star rating. Wow! Normally, when a food processor costs this much, expectations run so high that no product can live up to the higher standards. Not so with the Sous Chef. You will be impressed by how solid, sturdy and well-made the Breville is from the moment you get it home. This powerful machine chops, slices and grates very precisely and evenly.

Those who have read the Buying Guide on the home page of this site know that a direct driven food processor is more efficient than a belt driven one (go to our home page if you don't know the difference). Breville not only has a direct driven motor, they actually take it one huge step further, offering one of only a few food processors available right now with an induction motor. In an induction motor alternating current (AC) voltages are induced by the magnetic and rotating field of the stator in the circuit. An induction motor is constructed with elements of steel, aluminum and copper. While this makes induction motors more expensive than the standard, universal motors found on most food processors, it also increases their quality, durability and efficiency. That is why the Breville Sous Chef possesses an incredibly powerful and smooth motor that is exceptionally quiet while running. Viking is the only other brand to offer a model with an induction motor (that model is currently out of production, but may be available again in the near future). The Viking has a 625 watt induction motor, while this Breville boasts an impressive 1200 watt induction motor. This thing is powerful!

The Breville company is known for innovation. They don't simply make a well-constructed high-end version of already available appliances; Breville actually brings new features and innovations to almost everything they make. So what did they come up with for an appliance that has been largely unchanged since its debut in the 1970s? The first innovation is absolutely genius and it is surprising that no other maker came up with it first. Most food processors have multiple slicing discs available to allow for different thicknesses. The Breville  has an adjustable slicing disc which has 24 settings to customize the thickness of your sliced food. This not only eliminates the need to buy a bunch of slicing discs, it also gives you far greater control over the thickness of your slicing. There is also an emulsifier disc for making things like mayonnaise. The emulsifying disk can whip cream or egg whites in seconds. It can make butter from scratch in about a minute.

The second large innovation is the timer. There is both a count up and count down timer. You can use the count up timer the first time you do something, such as kneading bread. Then, after you know how long that particular task takes, the next time you will be able to set the count down timer and walk away, knowing that the Breville food processor will shut off when it is done.

Included in the reviews is a side by side comparison of the Breville Sous Chef to a $250 Cuisinart food processor. The author of that review had just purchased the Cuisinart when she was chosen to review the Breville. So both were new, up-to-date high-end food processor models. The winner? Clearly the Breville. The superior quality shined through in almost every area, the exception being bread making. The author of that review states in the comments that she believes user error may have led to the less than spectacular bread. The biggest problem with making bread in this machine is the incredible power it possesses. Many people feel the bread dough gets "over-worked" and can become tough. The powerful motor makes it possible to knead bread in seconds rather than minutes. Once you become acclimated with the excess power, you will be able to make bread dough without any problems.

The same is true with mincing, chopping and dicing veggies or other items. The tasks that normally took minutes in your old food processor will take seconds. It is easy to over-process and turn things to mush in the beginning. This won't be an issue once you become accustomed to this powerful machine. You will find many examples of how capable and quick the Breville Sous Chef is throughout the reviews. People marvel at the ability to julienne 6 pounds of zucchini in less than 30 seconds and 1 pound of cheese in less than 5 seconds. The French fry disc is a favorite among many; it can prep 5 pounds of potatoes in less than 30 seconds. The extra wide feed chute means you can have 5 inch long fries very quickly. The large feed chute also means you won't spend a lot of time pre-cutting items before processing. The extra large 16 cup work bowl can hold 12 cups of liquid without leaking.

Reviewers love how easy this model is to clean, especially compared to Cuisinart and KitchenAid models. There aren't a bunch of nooks and crannies where food can get trapped. Another great feature mentioned throughout the reviews is the lack of a hole in the stem where the blade goes. Most brands have a hole that makes it difficult to empty the contents of the work bowl without leaving the blade in place, which can be both difficult and dangerous.

The Breville Sous Chef comes with BPA-free bowls. All parts that come into contact with food are BPA-free. Hopefully this will soon be standard on all food processors, but sadly right now it is not. Using this model is a good way to limit BPA exposure for you and your family.

The overwhelming majority of users are quite pleased with this machine. Many even said using it led them to purchase other Breville products because they were that impressed with the quality and innovation in this product. There are only a few complaints scattered throughout the reviews. Some people feel this food processor is just too heavy. It is indeed about 20 pounds, not including the weight of the accessory package. The shipping weight is a whopping 31 pounds. This is partly because it has such a massive motor. It is also due to the use of better, heavy-duty materials for every part of this product. Most users don't mind the extra weight because they know they wouldn't get this kind of quality without the heft. But this may be an issue for you if you aren't able to keep your food processor in an easy accessible place, such as the countertop. If you are like one reviewer who has to keep her processor in the basement and haul it up stairs every time she uses it, this may not be the best choice for you.

Reading the detailed reviews, you will undoubtedly encounter quite a bit of discussion about grating or shredding cheese in the Breville BFP800XL. It originally debuted with a manual that included instructions for processing cheese. Some time after that, Breville realized there was a flaw in the machine that made processing cheese possibly damage the bowl and lid. The manual was revised to say that processing cheese was not recommended in this machine and doing so would void your warranty. Many people complained about this. Breville went on to correct the problem with an improved shredding disc. They then offered a kit to anyone who had already purchased the BFP800XL. The kit included the improved disc along with a new bowl and lid in case damage had already occurred. Any new BFP800Xl will have the new, cheese approved items. This does show that Breville cares about offering a great product and makes  every attempt to fix problems as they arise.

There were a few people who expected to receive a Quattro blade with their food processor. Breville has a model that comes with this blade, but it is only available in Australia. There are many videos about this product that were filmed in Australia with the Quattro blade, leading some to believe that it was standard on all Breville food processors. The reason it is not available in the USA is simple. 220 volts is standard in electricity in Australia, while American homes are almost always wired with 110 volts. The American version of this product is designed to be as powerful as possible with 110 volts. The Australian version, with the Quattro blade, is just too powerful for our electricity supply. Almost all users agree that this in no way takes away from the ability of this Breville to be the most efficient, effective and powerful food processor on the market today. See 174 Breville Reviews

Cuisinart FP-14DC Elite Collection 14-Cup Food Processor, Die Cast




Bowl SizeFull Size with 3 bowl sizes – 14 Cup, 11 cup and 4 1/2 cup bowls

Accessories and extrasStainless-steel slicing disc and shredding disc, chopping/mixing blade, dough blade, spatula, recipe/instruction book, and how-to DVD

Warranty 3-year limited warranty (buyer must pay shipping costs, both ways); 10-year motor warranty

Watts- this unit has a 1000 watt motor

Weight – it has a shipping weight of 29 pounds

Overall Rating it has an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars

Overall Review 74% of the reviews of this food processor are very favorable and accompanied by a 4 or 5 star rating. This Cuisinart model actually comes with three different bowl sizes, to make sure you always have the right size for the job at hand. It is powerful yet quiet. Most people say this food processor handles everything without straining, even kneading large amounts of dough. This machine has a dough setting, as well as a dough blade, and most users say it excels at bread making. Reviewers love the wide feed tube, which eliminates the need to pre-cut many food items. The blade locks into place to make it easier to empty the contents of the work bowl with the blade still in place. Those pleased with the Cuisinart FP-14DC Elite say it is quite versatile and provides immense help in the kitchen.

What do the other 26% say? There are a few issues repeated often throughout the reviews. You will even find these issues mentioned in the favorable reviews, although those users decided to overlook them and still give this Cuisinart a good rating.

Cuisinart tried to make this model leak-proof in an attempt to placate people who use their food processors in place of a blender. Doing this caused another problem; the lid has places where food can get trapped and it becomes difficult to clean. Some people use a flattened straw to get into the crevices, others use steak knives, some use a high-powered blast of water. The worst part about this is that the design changes don't seem to have fixed the leakage problem at all, in addition to creating the new set of problems. Reviewers report only being able to process between 4 to 6 cups of liquid in the large bowl before leakage becomes a problem.

The second oft repeated issue is inferior shredding and slicing. Many people report uneven sizes and shapes. There are finger-hold holes in the discs that allow small pieces of food to drop through without being shredded. The disk sits about a 1/2 inch under the lid, allowing a lot of food to remain un-processed. Many reviewers say they end up having to chop a significant amount of food by hand or waste it.

The third issue involves Cuisinart customer service and utilizing the warranty. There were more than a few reviewers whose machines would no longer turn off without unplugging it. There were also a few who ended up with broken parts. They all were relieved to still be covered under the warranty. The problem is the shipping costs and turn around time. You must pay to have the food processor shipped back to Cuisinart and also include $10 towards the return shipping from them. This is a heavy machine with a 29 pound shipping weight. Shipping can be quite costly, especially if you live far from the service center. Once it is received by Cuisinart, you can expect it to take between 4 and 6 weeks to be repaired and returned to you.READ 473 REVIEWS HERE


Cuisinart Elite Collection Food Processor


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Bowl Size – Full Size with mini bowl – 12 Cup and 4 cup bowls

Accessories and extras –Stainless-steel slicing disc, shredding disc, chopping/mixing blades, dough blade, spatula, "how-to" DVD, and recipe/instruction book

Warranty3-year limited warranty; 10-year motor warranty

Overall Review – This Cuisinart has a well powered yet quiet motor. It comes with all of the accessories most users will ever need. Having both a 12 cup and 4 cup bowl makes this processor ideal for most projects. 80% of reviewers gave it  4 or 5 stars. Most people say this machine quickly and easily chops, shreds, and slices. It gets lots of praise for its ability to knead bread and pasta dough, even in large batches. Users love the locking blade that stops it from falling out while you empty the bowl.

There was one frequent complaint, even mentioned in the 4 and 5 star reviews. Cuisinart decided to make the work bowl less prone to leakage so that users would be able to fill it with liquids beyond the normal halfway mark. In accomplishing this goal another problem was created. The lid is configured in such a way that food gets stuck in small crevices that are difficult to clean. Many are willing to overlook this flaw because of the myriad of desirable attributes this food processor possesses. One reviewer said he uses a flattened straw to clean the hard to reach areas. Some people say the re-design not only made cleaning harder, but didn't fix the original problem. Many still experience leakage. Another problem mentioned repeatedly in the reviews involves the slicing and shredding discs. Cuisinart designed them with finger holes to make them easier to remove. The problem is that small pieces of food can pass through these holes unprocessed. There are also reports of food being trapped between the top of the disc and the lid, also remaining unprocessed. See All 312 Reviews




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