Should I look for a light processor so I can easily move it from the cupboard to counter?

   Many people choose a lighter food processor for the ease with which it can be moved. You will find many food processor reviews in which the author is bemoaning the hefty weight of an otherwise fine food processor. What often goes unnoticed is the fact that all of the best food processors are relatively heavy and this is certainly not a coincidence.

   A more powerful motor will weigh more than a cheaper, less efficient motor. This will always hold true. When you purchase a lighter food processor you are exchanging the ability to produce easy, consistent results for the ability to easily move the machine more easily. When you consider the reasons you want a food processor to begin with, this hardly seems a fair trade.

  A poorly powered food processor will leave you with inconsistent results. This means instead of being able to evenly chop vegetables you will end up with some in larger than desired chunks and some completely pureed. Your soup will have some unprocessed bits of food in it rather than the silky smooth texture you were looking for. The butter you try to cut into your pie crust will melt before being well combined. After a while you won't even want to bother taking your food processor out of the cabinet and you will completely avoid the hassle of moving it around.

 A heavier motor also adds to the overall stability of the food processor. Some of the cheaper models have added suction cups to the bottom of the machines to compensate for the lack of stability but this does not offer the same smooth, stable processing the better models do.

  It is probably preferable to deal with moving a heavier food processor around to get the performance that you are looking for in a good food processor. The problems incurred due to a underpowered machine far outweigh the little bit of extra muscle you'll need to use to tote around your new favorite kitchen appliance. Most cooks find their food processor to be so indispensable that they find an honored permanent place on their countertop, eliminating this dilemma completely. Check out our Food Processor Buying Guide to find the best food processor for you.

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