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Dealing with the conveyor belt manufacturing to cleaning and supplier of cleaners the most tried and trusted company is CBS. With the claim of finest Quality, reliability, ingenuity, customer satisfaction and competitiveness …. these are only some of the attributes that Complete Belting Solutions tries to provide. This company is owned by Australia and offers the special services in the design, production, service and hoard of conveyor and bulk management products that fulfil the top industry values, full possibility asset management and maintaining and mechanical facilities, persuading and fabrication and the forethought of best technical guidance. Began in 2008, CBS has skilled exponential evolution that has seen us mature quickly from simple service provision and conveyor belt and selling it again, to a full amalgamation and modification of our product and provision offerings to create one of the only sovereign one-stop-shops for all bulk handling mechanical desires in Australia. In upkeep of these offerings, CBS has fully armed workshops specifically out-and-out to the relevant division, together with fitting and machining, engineering and fabrication polyurethane moulding and conveyor componentry production.

CBS Conveyor Belt Cleaners

Presenting the Cleaner Componentry choices and CBS Conveyor Belt Cleaner!

The collection has been calculated and manufactured with superiority, performance and cost-effectiveness in mind and comprises many exclusive design inventions that will ensure stretched cleaning life and pointedly reduced maintenance prices. Choose one of the trusted conveyor belt suppliers and manufacturers in the country and regulate why we’re the trademark of choice for corporations nationwide, supporting clientele in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, and all over in between.

Conveyor Belt Cleaners and CBS Primary Cleaners

Polyurethane Bush, CBS High-class Design  

The unique, patent-pending, pattern of the CBS Vee Plough includes an expendable polyurethane bush exclusive the base pivot outlet of the CBS Vee Plough support to prevent wear and knowingly reduce maintenance charges. The arms off vee plough are protected with a stainless-steel pin. Pulsations from the conveyor procedure cause bolt progress, which indemnities the arm’s bolt hole later repeated contact by time, requiring substitute of the whole arm and mostly the full plough once it has damaged.

There are secondary conveyor belt cleaners are also present like CBS P-Tech™ which efficiently remove the adhesive material and granule from the belts at the liberation points. These cleaners are available in primary and secondary components. These cleansers are provided by CBS with the assurance of finest results. These supplies served the purpose by assisting us to clean and remove all the residues from it.

This way, we get you covered by providing the whole range of services and assuring that quality is never compromised over cost. The privilege of 50 years of service sets the benchmark.

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