What Size Is Best For You?

There are many things to consider when shopping for the best food processor. Price, reliability and efficiency will all need to be factored into your decision-making process. Perhaps the most important aspect to consider is size. The other attributes will mean little to you if the machine you buy is too large to fit into your kitchen or too small to handle your daily meal prep. The size of a food processor refers to the capacity of the work bowl, usually measured in cups. It is important to realize you won't be able to process 8 cups of food at once in an 8 cup model. Most food bowls can be filled about 3/4 of the way with solid foods and 1/2 way with liquids.

The limitations of a smaller unit are fairly obvious. You can't prepare much at once and will end up doing multiple batches for larger projects. On the other end of the spectrum, many people fail to realize that too large of a bowl will present its own set of problems. It will be difficult to combine ingredients when dealing with small amounts of food. Without enough product to move around, everything tends to build up on the side of the work bowl. There is minimal blade contact with small amounts of food in a large food processor.

The general size categories are as follows:

Mini – has a bowl size of 4 cups or smaller. This size is ideal for small projects such as chopping garlic or herbs. It can also process minimal amounts of sauce or toppings. It will not work well when trying to make pastry crust or bread dough. The very small units (2 cups or smaller) are often referred to as food choppers, since food chopping is the only task they are well suited to perform.

Compact  – has a bowl size of between 5 to 8 cups. A compact model can do everything a full size food processor can, but on a smaller scale. It is the ideal choice for the cook who only prepares food for two people or has very limited kitchen space.

Full Size – has a bowl size of 9 cups or more. A full size food processor can handle large batches of sauce. It will mix together a bread dough and proceed to knead it for you. It can easily chop, purée or slice just about anything you throw at it. Anyone who cooks often will certainly appreciate this size range.

Full Size with Mini Bowl – A single food processor with two interchangeable work bowls, one full size and one mini bowl. This option offers the best of both worlds. It is comparable to getting two appliances for the price of one. This is definitely the best option for an avid cook. Check out the best food processors with mini bowls HERE.

Once you have determined your size needs, you are ready to start shopping for your new food processor. Where is the best place to start? Check out customer reviews before buying. They will give you valuable insight into the product provided by people who have actually used the food processor, not the manufacturers who made them.

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