What size should I get?

Size is perhaps the most important consideration when choosing the best food processor. It won't matter how efficient or reliable a processor is if it's too small to handle your kitchen tasks or too large to fit in your workspace. Think carefully about your size needs before moving on to the food processor reviews.

There are three main food processor size categories: mini (4 cups or smaller), compact (5 to 8 cups) and full size (9 cups or larger.) The cup size refers to the capacity of the work bowl when filled to the very top. This can be a bit misleading because it is never a good idea to completely fill a food processor work bowl. Usage guidelines vary from model to model but in general you can expect to fill a food processor about 2/3 of the way when dealing with solid food or halfway for liquids. This means if you plan on processing 6 cups of soup at once, you'll need at least a 12 cup food processor.

Mini food processors best excel at chopping small items such as garlic or herbs. They are quite limited in their use beyond that. You can do small batches of sauces and chop or puree small amounts of food.

Compact food processors can perform most of the same kitchen tasks as their full size counterparts, just on a smaller scale. You can still expect them to make pie or pastry crusts, puree sauces, knead bread dough and slice or chop large vegetables. Compact food processors are ideal for cooks who normally prepare food for only 2 people.

Full size food processors can handle almost anything you would expect a food processor to do. Someone who cooks for more than 2 people on a regular basis can realistically expect a full size food processor to cut their prep time in half. The biggest downfall of a full size is actually that it's too large for some tasks.

While most people recognize the limitations of a food processor that's too small, many overlook the issues created by a food processor that's too large. Small food items, such as fresh herbs or garlic, can get "lost" in a large machine and simply spin around rather than getting processed. The best solution for an avid cook is a full size food processor with a compatible mini bowl. This will give you the ability to process small or large amounts of food with ease.

When you have decided which size of food processor is best for you, click on the bowl size you are interested in to find customer reviews for the top models in that size category.

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