Which safety features do I need to look for?

Many consumers obsess over finding a food processor with the best safety features. The truth is, safety features in food processors have been standardized and all brands come similarly equipped. There is no best option when it comes to safety. You really only need to worry about safety features, or the lack thereof, if you are working with an older, used model.

All modern food processors will not operate until the lid is locked securely in place, ensuring you don’t accidentally turn the machine on while your hand is in the bowl. Any new product sold in the U.S. today has to comply with electrical safety codes, regardless of the expense of the machine. Buying from a reputable supplier will ensure compliance with these codes.

Even so, you should also be careful around sharp kitchen equipment, especially if there are children present. Injuries are most likely to occur from contact with sharp blades or discs when the machine isn’t even in use. The reason a food processor can chop and slice as well as a good knife is because it is just as sharp. Your best safety plan is to be mindful of that at all times.

There is always an element of danger when using an electrical appliance in close proximity to a water supply, as is often the case in a kitchen with a food processor. Never use a machine with a frayed wire or damaged plug.

The bottom line is this; you need to be careful and exercise common sense when using a food processor. However, the slight risk of danger isn’t due to a lack of safety features provided by the maker. Be careful and you will enjoy many years of injury free use of your food processor, regardless of the model you choose.

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