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Driving is the basic skills of life. One must learn how to drive. It’s not easy though. You need to get a license before clutching the steering. The legal age of driving license is 18 years. You must pass the test to qualify it. Don’t get panic about the know-how of it. The Affordable Driving School is situated in Brisbane, Melbourne and other multiple locations hence you can take driving lessons in brisbane as per your convenience and at any convenient location. the ADS possess the experience of 26 years. Admitting that it’s no piece of cake to master all the skills instead you need the right direction and guidelines to get through this period. We take pride in offering the best team for your joyous experience.

Why Us?

We have a friendly staff who is an expert in their field. No hidden charges thus it’s affordable. We are one of the most experienced centres of Brisbane. The lessons are well structured, cheap, and relatively easy for you. We offer the assistance of both male and female as per your convenience. You are provided with lessons of manual and modern driving lessons.

Contact and Driving Lessons

Get in touch with the team today and fill your form so we can reach you. Either you want to learn manual or automatic the qualified instructor will tell you all the details about the forefront and technical difficulties. Let us help you to know the details of the lessons and how we apply them?

Mock Test

There will be a 90 min mock session where instructors will throw you in your paces and correct all the needed errors. You will be driving through blocks for half-hour three times. Firstly, your driving will be evaluated then working on your strengths and weaknesses and in the last driving sceneries. After you pass the assessment and work on your strengths where you can upgrade that and polishing the weaknesses, we get your back.


All the packages are given, and your licenses are upgraded here too. All kinds of assessments and tests are covered here. This place is super fun and full of friendly staff. The staff will help you know the details of driving. With years of experience, we know how to entertain you in the best possible way.

Why not elect a choice that is handy and reliable. From offering you the lucrative offers to the exposure to the best team you will be facing all the things in this school. No need to hustle and bustle when we are here to make your experience easy and smooth. You can be entertained by your lessons, upgrading the licenses, and international tests even.

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