What Are The Complications Of Dyslexia

learning difficulty assessment

Basically that is legs here is a problem in learning the words and the letters and also their sounds and this problem may be present in the children from the time of the birth. The symptoms will not be apparent in the childhood because most of the people have the difficulty in learning difficulty assessment and reading in but this problem will be apparent in the school age children and in the adults like in school age the children have the difficulty and learning new words and spelling them out and also they will not be able to understand what the teacher is talking and what the instructions are given to them because they are not able to pick all the things and their meanings and also they will be facing the problem in doing their school assignments.

They also don’t know that what words they should use in answers to the questions and how to write them and sometimes they are even not able to understand the question. They’re also facing the problem in learning the sequence and correct order of the things like the alphabetical orders and the counting. They are also facing the problem of having differentiate between the letters and they think that all the letters are same and they are also not able to recognize the different sounds of these letters.

After their childhood the people will face more problem in their adulthood if the problem is left unsolved So in this situation the people will face difficulty in summarizing the story and also they will avoid the things and activities which are involving the reading and writing and also they are enabled to pick up the meaning of the jokes and idioms which can be easily understand by a normal person and also they will be unable to talk freely in the gatherings and will spend a lot of time in writing and reading even a little thing.


The basic cause of this problem is in and jeans like most of the people have this problem running in their families and also this can be caused by the premature birth weight and many other abnormalities being happened in the time of the birth and in the early age of the child. Dyslexia screening test and learning difficulty assessment and other tests like these can identify this problem in a child and if this problem can be recognized in the very early age then it’s resolution will be easy because in the children the learning ability is more than in the adults but in the adult the solution is also possible.


  • As most of the activities in the schools are including writing and reading So that children which has been detected the problem by learning difficulty assessment it will be facing some difficulty in coping up and competing with their peers.
  • If this problem is not treated at the right time and then the people will face some difficulty and socializing their lives like they will return from their friends and the family and ultimately will be aggressive. Dyslexia screening test can help them out.