Working As A Stonemason


Many people train to work as stonemasons these days. The job of a stonemason can be very rewarding. They make a lot of money working with statues. As a stonemason in sunshine coast, you may be employed for making tombstones. Most tombstones are made of grey rocks. The rocks used for making tombstones are usually dark in colour. The most common colours are black and grey. However, some people prefer ash grey or white tombstones. It all comes down to personal preference at the end of the day. Most people like large sized tombstones. The average height of a tombstone is four to five feet. This is almost as high as a person. The usual width of a tombstone is five to six inches. It is dug one to two feet into the ground. This helps to keep the tombstone stable.

Wages of a stonemason:

Most stonemasons are engaged in the building of statues. They make life-size statues for their clients. They are commissioned for their skill and expertise. They make thousands of dollars from some statues. Some statues are tall while others are short. They can be built using various kinds of stones. Statues made of white marble are usually the most graceful. They have a special elegance to them. There are many statues of historical figures that are made using white marble. As a stonemason, you are expected to be good at working with marble slabs. You should be comfortable working using marble another similar stone as a stonemason. There are other kinds of marbles but they are not that popular. Marble comes in multiple shades of grey. Ash grey marble is also very common. It is cheaper than both white and black marbles.

The role of a stonemason:

Most stonemasons work as apprentices before they become experts. They need to spend lots of time learning new skills. A stonemason needs to be very attentive in order to master new techniques. A stonemason cannot expect to learn new things unless he or she is ready to spend several hours at work. The work itself is very difficult and takes a lot of patience. Most stonemasons do not like the profession because of the effort involved. You cannot expect to be an expert unless you like your job. Being willing to learn new things is very important for beginners. Most novice stonemasons learn from an experienced person. They need guidance in order to master their craft. Most tombstones have inscriptions on them. It helps to identify the person in the grave. This is extremely important since there is no other way of identifying a grave’s occupant. The inscription on the tombstone is usually made with the help of a chisel with a fine point. Please visit for more information.